Is Really GameStop Going Out of Business , YES OR NO?

I can say without hesitation that i’m going to GameStop for all my gaming needs. i really like the shop . i prefer to steer and browse for hidden gems. i really like pre-ordering games, buying used toys, and have occasional short chats with the friendly, albeit kinda nerdy staff.

Other than the good return policy for used games, and therefore the sometimes affordable prices, i do not really consider GameStop as a generous, price conscious company. i do know up front that they’re in it for the cash , and to be fair, they mostly give.

I know they buy my old toys for coke caps and sell them for gold bars. With all this, I still love GameStop. If you were a gamer, how could you not?

This is what worries me. i feel GameStop may be a necessary evil friend, or a necessary evil; Whatever it’s , you recognize what I mean. They’re a bit like your pusher , if you’re hooked in to crack. He doesn’t really care about you, but he’s got what you would like and he’s always there once you need it.

However, i’m afraid to lose my merchant which is why.


GameStop is during a crazy dash to urge obviate their inventory. I bought 47 games for $ 108. That’s with shipping and delivery within 2 days.


The rumor mill, the Hopi Indians, the online bot, and even the NSA’s “chatter” all point to a completely digital gaming market. All downloads … No more buying CDs or cartridges.

the third

GameStop isn’t a publisher or developer. it is a retail business, like Best Buy, and just in case you cannot hear them, they’re shutting down a load of stores.

The fourth

GameStop bought Kongregate, without a doubt, to diversify its sources of income.

I expect, of course, but the longer term doesn’t look good for GameStop. Or is it so?

After all, GameStop has built a gaming empire, a Mecca, a military industrial complex, a worldwide healthcare, a foul-smelling kid utopia, a toy retailer that Donald Trump are going to be pleased with .

They definitely have something in their sleeves. Please tell me you’ve got an idea .

I know one thing for sure:

GameStop executives work their butts bent survive the upcoming apocalypse. You know, those predicted by the Mayans. you’ll make certain GameStop desks are jittery and jittery. And during this environment, they’re going to either survive and thrive, or they’re going to change their business model and downgrade to “populate” browser games.